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Ghost Analytics

The UK is now a market with multiple and complex information sources, data structures and regulatory framework.

As such, lending platforms are often hampered by a limited capacity to mine and leverage the wealth of information available to them.
Ghost Analytics, part of the Ghost Suite of JMAC products, empowers lenders with the unique capability to gain strategic advantage in decisioning, analysis, monitoring and customer insight.

The Ghost Suite of JMAC products has gained broad recognition across the industry, being shortlisted for the Technology Gamechanger Award at the 2017 UK Credit Awards, nominated in the Innovation in Credit category at the 2018 Credit & Collections Technology Awards, shortlisted in the 2018 Credit Excellence Awards and Best Use of Technology – Data & Affordability category at the 2019 UK Credit Awards.

To discover how to drive your business through Ghost Analytics, please contact us.

Ghost Live

Building upon the foundations of Ghost Analytics, Ghost Live enables lenders to deploy leading-edge decisioning strategies in real-time.
The Ghost Live decision engine offers direct integration with each of the major UK credit reference agencies and access to the Ghost Live multi-bureau service.

As such, Ghost Live provides a number of key business benefits:

  • Speed to Market
  • Overcoming Regulatory and Conduct Risk
  • Data Security and Control
  • Ease of Integration
  • Cost Savings

To understand how to accelerate your lending decisions with Ghost Live, please contact us.

Credit Bureaux Consultancy

The JMAC team possess vast experience of both consumer and commercial bureau for both risk and marketing purposes. This experience has been gained in the UK and across the Eurozone.

Each of the JMAC partners were key players in the Equifax UK consumer credit bureau team, responsible for the design and development of the EFX UK DPA bureau solution.

The team hold industry-leading understanding of the fundamentals of the credit bureau; from raw data loading and processing, coded characteristic design and development, bureau scoring solutions, retrospective testing, batch solutions, product management and documentation.

That expertise has been augmented in recent years by breaking new frontiers in bureau solutions; including multi-bureau scoring, scoring of employer risk using commercial bureau data, rating of SME using director and corporate bureau and fully automated multi-bureau affordability routines.

The team have also been responsible for the implementation of credit bureau interfaces; both in real-time application processing and within a batch environment. We possess industry-leading skills in the management of XML interfaces and experience of bespoke application processing systems. Our experience in this field covers both the UK and the Eurozone.

Our credit bureau expertise is encapsulated in the Ghost Suite of products.

IT Migration Support and Consultancy

The JMAC team have significant experience of supporting and implementing Information Technology platforms in the UK and within the Eurozone.

Our team have performed migration support and testing on front-office application process systems, back-office accounting systems and credit bureau links. Projects performed have involved the use of a number of different platforms, from Mainframe to MS Workflow, Clipper to Oracle.

We offer a data-driven support process, focusing on gap analysis and process monitoring and reporting.

Please contact us for a confidential discussion on how we can best meet your requirements.

Interim Management

JMAC offer interim solutions to clients who are unable to access the risk management and analytical resource they require on a permanent basis.

Interim support is available from Support Analyst through to Executive level.

Please contact us for a confidential discussion about how JMAC can meet your company’s requirements.

Mathematical and Statistical Modeling

The JMAC team have been involved in over 70 model development projects, including application scorecard development, customer management scoring, SME rating models, attrition and propensity models.

The team have experience of retail product types, including Mail Order, Telco, Auto Loans, Unsecured Loans, Credit Cards, Charge Card and Mortgages.

We also confirm our involvement in a number of industry-leading initiatives. For example,

i) The JMAC team were the first in the Eurozone to implement multi-bureau bespoke application scoring.

ii) The team were also the first to integrate commercial bureau based employer ratings into application scoring.

Our common-sense analytical approach allows us to enrich our client’s data sources in order to maximise model discrimination and uplift.

MIS and Reporting

The JMAC team are experts in the development and implementation of Management Information Systems and Reporting Infrastructures.

The team have broad experience in developing reporting suites and packages for internal and external clients alike. We have prepared reporting packages for full and shadow ratings with Fitch, Moodys and Standard & Poors. In addition to this we have significant experience in preparing reporting infrastructures for portfolio sale and purchase.

Our packages can be developed either for on-site maintenance or managed in a remote environment. The reports we offer cover all aspects of portfolio management and reporting:

  • arrivals reporting
  • vintage reporting
  • scorecard misalignment
  • PD stability reporting
  • dynamic delinquency
  • roll-rate reporting
  • early settlement
  • late collection / recovery curves

Portfolio Management

The JMAC team possess vast experience in the area of portfolio management. The team benefits from portfolio management experience within the retail risk management space covering credit cards, personal loans and secured loans.

The team’s experience covers the full credit life cycle including Campaign Management and Selection, Customer Decisioning, Customer Management, Cross-sell / Up-sell, Customer Pre-Screen, Collections and Reporting.

The team can provide consultancy on front-office decisioning including application form, bureau interface, anti-money laundering and fraud prevention, policy rules, scoring, affordability, product management and product pricing.

The team also offer assistance in the field of customer management covering limit management and authorisations, customer pre-screen for cross-sell and up-sell, collections reporting and performance monitoring and customer scoring.

Portfolio Pricing and Valuation

The JMAC team offer analytical support on the pricing and valuation of portfolios. Since our inception, the team have worked on portfolio pricing projects with aggregate receivables of over $60 billion.

Our experience covers geographies within the Eurozone and across the British Isles – with individual portfolio receivables of up to €4 billion.

We provide consultancy and analytical support on all asset classes from retail to commercial, from unsecured to secured, from performing to non-performing.

Our approach is always tailored to maximise the data and tools available to us – whether it be roll-rate driven cash flow models, cluster-based segmentation of NPL pools, profitability-based rating models or credit loss forecasting techniques.

Our team has experience of providing analytical support to both vendors and investors alike. We offer pricing model development services, data management support and model due diligence services.

Please contact us for a confidential discussion to understand how our team can best meet your needs.




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